• It's been a minute...but we finally finished the nursery a couple of weeks ago!

Welcome to #haroldsonhouse William! You've definitely turned out the best of any project we've ever worked on!
  • Can a renovation actually save you money?!? It seems counterintuitive, but sometimes yes! And not in the way you might think.

Since one of us is a CPA, we've always been very thoughtful about spending our money wisely on our home.

But, with a baby on the way we can't help but look at every project even more closely in terms of 💸 in and value out...AKA good ole "bang for the buck". Now, 10 people will have 10 different definitions for what that means, but for us a key question is..."Will spending money on *this* thing, make *another* thing less important, cheaper, or better?" And here in the living room the answer was a giant "YES!" when it came to extending the laminate floors into the rest of the living room.

That's because not only did the floors add a ton of aesthetic value, but our 11 year old couch that was looking a little worn on the carpet...now looks totally fine on the new floors.

So, instead of updating the flooring (to new carpet) AND buying a new couch, we're now hoping to get a few more years out of our favorite napping spot! All for around the same price as a nice, new sofa alone.

Are there any upgrades you've made that have saved you money like that? Or that stopped you from spending big money elsewhere? Let us know! We're sure others would love to hear about them!! #cljsquad
  • BEFORE ➡️ AFTER // The process of any renovation project is a long one. There's the planning, the revisions, the road blocks, the doing...it seems never ending!

But then, one day the finished product is right in front of you and you can't believe this thing you dreamed up is a real live thing!

So, it's fitting to sit here and look at our nursery fill up with some amazing gifts from our friends as two projects...the room and the baby...are both just about ready to go! . . .
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  • You know when you make plans to go out on a Friday night...but when it's time to leave you're suddenly like, "why did I agree to leave the house!!"...but then you go out and it's great and the best thing ever?

That's kind of where we're at with the baby now! Now that everything's getting put into the nursery we're getting all the emotions about actually doing this thing!

BUT...just like Friday night plans, we know this is going to be the **most** amazing experience and we can't wait to meet our new little roommate!! (...at least until 40 weeks...fingers crossed!!!) #cljsquad

p.s. Anyone have a good crib mattress recommendation? We obviously still need to get one! 💤
  • "The worse the weather, the better the adventure." As the ice dams pile up on the roof we keep reminding ourselves why we put that phrase up on our art ledge!!! ❄️💧🙀 p.s. Who else always forgets to hide the tags on their pillows when taking a picture!!
  • We've shown the nursery board and batten A LOT in our stories... but you haven't seen much of the other side of the room yet!
That's mostly because it's been full of paint cans, drops cloths, and tools! And it's basically just a plain painted wall that used to have a very boring golden oak closet.
But this week we finally cleared out ALL the junk and started moving in the finishing touches like lamps, the dresser we're using as the changing table, and the crib!
We still don't have it decorated yet...and need a crib mattress...but it's staring to feel a little more like there's going to be a baby around here soon! #cljsquad
  • We know the mantle still says Merry Christmas, but that was the last time our house looked remotely put together...until this past weekend!
After what felt like 40 weeks we made the final push on the nursery...and labored hard to get all the patching, painting, and caulking done there and in the upstairs hallway!
Now all that's left is to decorate the nursery, put together the crib, and relax a bit before we meet our little boy! #cljsquad
  • The truth is we're always happy to be home. We like having "our" place.
And that's probably why we keep heading back to @larsmont_cottages.
Just a couple hours north of our house, this place has been the setting for some of the most important moments of "us" for over ten years now!
It's where we went on spring break to dream about our future...it's where we got engaged...went on our honeymoon...and last weekend was where we spent a quick babymoon.
We don't own the place, and don't get to go back as often as we'd like, but no matter how long it is between trips, we still get the same feeling when first open the door, breathe in all the wood and leather, and see Lake Superior out the window...we're home.