• We took Will on his first adventure this weekend and all-in-all it was a success!

More road trips and roadside diaper changes are definitely in our future.

But, we still gotta say, nothing beats coming home. #housetohomehaven
  • Some things we’ve been up to over the last couple of months: • Finished almost all of our doors
• Successfully got a baby from 3 months to almost 6 months old!!
• Insulated the garage and added some much needed storage
• Finished the trim on our fireplace mantel so it actually looks good now!
• Learned that we need a weekly schedule for meals, working out, and recharging.
• “Decided” we need to remodel our master shower so it stops leaking.
• Worked on some fun content we’re excited to share soon!

It’s hard to believe summer is already over, but we definitely enjoyed every second we could with Will! We hope you all had an awesome summer too!
  • Little Will’s just made the move into his nursery for sleeping and naps!! But, even though he’s been sleeping in a bassinet in our room until now we’ve been *SO* happy to have this space.

We change him here, practice rolling, feed him, and read him books every night before bed (Pajama Time by Sandra Boynton ever night!!). We love the calm feeling of the space, but most importantly, when it came time to transition to his room, Will was totally comfortable here already.

p.s. Are there any board books you’ve loved reading with your kiddos??
  • We're going tackle to kitchen this summer...thanks to the awesome newborn course by @takingcarababies we're on day 1 of sleep training for Will!

That means we've got a few more moments of quiet around here while he naps...for only 30 minutes so far...but we'll take it!!! And of course that means we're starting to plan our summer project...refacing our kitchen cabinets!

We love how central our kitchen is to the house, but with all the work we've done the cabinets keep sticking out more and more. It's just a lot of wood!

Plus, we like the idea of doing this while we've got a non-crawling baby!

Right now our goal is to just replace the doors with a shaker style and then paint the boxes.

So, any tips for refacing or companies we should look at? #cljsquad
  • We're pretty sure our boy Will is making the leap...from quiet newborn to a being real, live baby that smiles, laughs, and has that sparkling baby "je nais se quoi"! Fortunately / unfortunately that means sleep = snuggles right now!

He just wants to stick close as his perception of the world gets a little more refined and our wonderful bits of sleep have been woefully short the last couple nights!

Thankfully, working from home (Josh) and maternity leave (Stasia) is making these long nights less stressful and a little more special.

Not having to "get to work" is a total life saver right now that we're so grateful to have! It just gives you that extra hour and change that's the difference between tough and terrible.

Anything fun we can look forward to now that we're around 5 weeks in??
  • House projects around here have been on hold for a little while...but we have to say, it's been tons of fun to just enjoy the spaces we've been creating for our family.

Napping on the couches, snuggling by the fire, and having coffee (and milk!) in all of our bright rooms!

Isn't that what this renovating stuff is all about?!? Hopefully you all can remember that there are fun memories ahead in the middle of your next project!!
  • It's been a minute...but we finally finished the nursery a couple of weeks ago!

Welcome to #haroldsonhouse William! You've definitely turned out the best of any project we've ever worked on!
  • Can a renovation actually save you money?!? It seems counterintuitive, but sometimes yes! And not in the way you might think.

Since one of us is a CPA, we've always been very thoughtful about spending our money wisely on our home.

But, with a baby on the way we can't help but look at every project even more closely in terms of 💸 in and value out...AKA good ole "bang for the buck". Now, 10 people will have 10 different definitions for what that means, but for us a key question is..."Will spending money on *this* thing, make *another* thing less important, cheaper, or better?" And here in the living room the answer was a giant "YES!" when it came to extending the laminate floors into the rest of the living room.

That's because not only did the floors add a ton of aesthetic value, but our 11 year old couch that was looking a little worn on the carpet...now looks totally fine on the new floors.

So, instead of updating the flooring (to new carpet) AND buying a new couch, we're now hoping to get a few more years out of our favorite napping spot! All for around the same price as a nice, new sofa alone.

Are there any upgrades you've made that have saved you money like that? Or that stopped you from spending big money elsewhere? Let us know! We're sure others would love to hear about them!! #cljsquad